What’s new at Aesthechic? Keep reading to find out!

With everyone being in quarantine right now, what’s better to do than online shopping? Take a look at these new accessories.
To jazz up any look, you of course need some bling!


Letter chains are the cutest, shiniest, and hottest piece of jewelry right now. In the three photos above are versions of letter chains available on Aesthechic.com
Get them pre-made in the words “b*tch,” “daddy” or “angel” or leave a message for a DIY 5 letter word chain of your own (details on the site).


Who doesn’t love earrings? Take a look at these


These varying aesthetic dangling earrings come in 10+ styles so you’ll find your perfect fit! Browse these enticing earrings here.


A new look needs something pretty to be photographed with, right? Take a look at these phone cases to style up your phone with!


Glam your phone up with some adorable aesthetic cases. Browse these cases and more on the site!
Get these Cute Space iPhone Cases (1st photo) here.
Get the Engraved Asian Cases (2nd photo) here.
Get the Makeup Palette iPhone Cases (3rd photo) here.
What better to do when at home rather than using stationery? Aesthechic has everything you need to spice that up!

Dot Grid Bullet Notebook      

The Grid bullet notebook (1st photo) is the cutest for journaling or doodling for pastime. Get your own bullet notebook by clicking here.
Stick these adorable calendar stickers (2nd photo) into your journal to remember all the special dates you need. If you’d like to grab yourself some of these stickers, click here.
Of course, you need to have some durable pens for journaling. These Gel Artistic Pens (3rd photo) come in a 7 piece set in beautiful colors. They make for great wording and add a colorful pop to your journal. Click here to get your own set of pens J.
Like what you see? Be sure to check these and so much more out at Aesthechic.com. They’re super affordable and have FREE FAST WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on any purchase (what could be better than that?). Enjoy these picks and stay tuned for next week’s!

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